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Ara shoes


Name: ara Shoes

Showroom: 2E13

Categories: Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes, Bags.

Website: www.ara-shoes.com


Steckert & Co. Agency

Henry Steckert

Jan Steckert


+358 3 253 2200


The ara brand fits – yesterday, today, tomorrow

Shoes were just used for one reason. Meanwhile they are passion – comfort and functionality included. Those who understand this would also know what their customers want to wear tomorrow. We understand this and passionately develop shoes that fit our customers. With regard to the fit, the trend and also the functionality of our shoes, our customers appreciate our high quality standards . This is particularly important to us and has turned ara into a worldwide known brand.


Fashion – not just shoes

We develop shoes that are modern but still timeless. We offer collections for every style, models with thoughtful details and the matching handbags. There are useful tips on how to combine everything into an outfit.

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Showroom 2E13, Fashion Center 2. krs
Fashion Center Ara showroom 2E13.
Showroom 2E13 Ara.