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Club of Comfort


Name: Club of Comfort

Showroom: 1B19, 1B28-B9

Category: Men’s clothes

Website: www.club-of-comfort.de


Sarka Agencies Oy

Marko Utriainen


+358 44 501 0545



Club of Comfort – The main fashion theme is COMFORT
We manufacture stylish men’s trousers for every occasion, which not only convince visually and in terms of the choice of materials, but also guarantee maximum comfort. Your smartphone disappears safely in our patented mobile pocket, cash in sewn-in coin pockets or in a hidden safety pocket. Integrated shirt stoppers and an elastic comfort waistband in each pair of pants make you worry-free. More and more enthusiastic customers are becoming “Club of Comfort addicted”. Try it out.

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Showroom 1B19 & 1B28-29 Fashion Center 1. krs