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Gabor & Gabor bags


Name: Gabor, Gabor bags

Showroom: 2E10

Categories: Women’s shoes, Women’s accessories.

website: www.gabor.de


Gabor Footwear GMBH

Jari Arkia


+358 50 542 7071


Gabor is a leading manufacturer of high quality, fashionable women’s shoes. In addition to fashionable topicality, the Gabor brand shoe is characterised by its superb fit and workmanship quality.


The family-run company is managed by Achim Gabor in the 2nd generation. This long-standing experience provides the foundation for what the company refers to as “Gabor quality”. It is the most discerning quality standards regarding every single pair of shoes that have turned Gabor into a traditional brand.


But tradition isn’t everything. The last few years have been characterised by the introduction of new technologies and product lines. Licences for handbags, children’s shoes and shoe care complete the range of products. Rollingsoft is a new product line for the growth segment of health and wellbeing.

Gabor logo
Gabor bags logo
Showroom 2F1 ja 2E10, Fashion Center 2. krs
Gabor, Showroom 2E10
Gabor, Showroom 2E10