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HW Company Oy Ltd


Oy HW-Company Ltd


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Name: Aku, Arxus, Auclair,    Salming, Seger, Swedteam, Tenson, Termo Original

Showroom: 1B11

Categories: Women’s clothes, Men’s clothes, Children’s clothes, Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes, Children’s shoes, Sportswear.

Website: www.hw-company.fi/tuoteryhmat/sports-outdoor/

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Showroom 1B11, Fashion Center 1. krs


Oy HW-Company Ltd is a wholesale service company founded in 1989. We import and sell high quality international brands in apparel, shoes and accessories for sports, outdoor sports, hunting and shooting sports.


In addition to our import business, we provide branded clothing and business gifts. We understand that the brand is key for our customers’ success and that is why we offer our customers only the best solutions to develop their corporate image, motivate their staff and engage their customers.