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Name: Musse&Cloud

Showroom: 2E8

Category: Women’s shoes

Website: www.musseandcloud.com


Why Not Brothers

Tuukka Saarelainen


+358 45 865 3989



At Musse&Cloud our aim is to offer affordable leather shoes without compromising on comfort.
Our technical team judiciously selects different types of leather to ensure that every shoe catches the eye, is pleasant to touch and, when tried on, becomes the shoe you were looking for.


Footwear that reveals a meticulous attention to detail.
Designs that transform in combination with the raw materials to tell different stories. Studs, buckles of different styles and finishes, braids, laces, and zippers: endless possibilities to convey the essence of Musse&Cloud in every design.


We strive to achieve continuous improvement in every collection.
Design and technology come together to create a product that stems from everyday life, the care for the smallest details and the need for comfort.


Inspired by travelling and discovering new horizons.
Our Mediterranean, curious and spontaneous spirit means that we value the beauty of everything that surrounds us. Musse&Cloud’s essence is an appreciation of every part of life.

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Musse&Cloud, Showroom 2E8