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Theorema Scandinavia AB


Theorema Scandinavia AB

Liisa-Maria Talikka


+358 45 673 9030



Name: Duffy, Network, Primo Piano

Showroom: 2F8

Categories: Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes.

Brand websites: www.duffy.nu

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Duffy, Network, Primo Piano, Showroom 2F8


Theorema Scandinavia AB was founded in 1997. Today we are the largest wholesaler in Sweden, selling shoes to shoe retailers throughout the Nordic region. Our shoes are produced in both the Far East and across Europe. The common denominator for all Theorema’s products are value for money.


Our goal is produce good, trendy shoes at very competitive prices; and deliver the right products at the right time. We are working to intercept international trends that we can market adapt to our Nordic customers. With our warehouse in Sweden, we can also supply the latest news rapidly in season.