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Topper Tuotanto Oy


Topper Tuotanto Oy

Hanna Laine

Mia Ruusumo


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Name: HYLJE Wear

Showroom: 1B12

Categories: Women’s clothes, Men’s clothes, Workwear.

Brand websites: hyljewear.fi

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Showroom 1B12, FC pohjapiirros 1-krs


Topper Tuotanto is expert in workwear. For over 35 years, we have served companies in many different industries and experienced many different workwear needs. We design and manufacture uniforms, office suits and protective clothing. If necessary, we customize workwear for your business. Workwear has an impact on business result. We want to inspire everyone to enjoy their day at work – to help focus on where everyone is good at. In Topper, we believe that practical, comfortable and representative workwear gives a positive corporate image and enhances a sense of belonging and creates good condition for success every day. LANSSI first aid collection and AJO collection for taxi and bus drivers are available directly in our online store.

The only consumer brand of Topper Uniform is HYLJE, known for its warm, high-quality and playful winter coveralls. For decades coveralls have been developed in cooperation with our customers. Their carefully thought and finished details suite the purpose they were designed for; whether for hunting, fishing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, or just enjoying the nature. Designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia, the HYLJE Collection is a functional and durable partner for outdoor activities and cool weather activities, even in demanding conditions.