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Name: Trofé

Showroom: 1B4

Categories: Women’s clothes, Women’s accessories.

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Trofé Försäljinings AB

Kirsi-Marja Keskinen


+358 40 900 4779



Close to women
Trofé is a privately owned company with headquarters in the textile city of Borås. We market underwear, swimwear, nightwear. Bathrobes and Homewear as well as lighter women’s clothing. All design work and product development takes place in Borås in Sweden. We sell through a wide network of retailers, primarily in the Nordic region. We focusing on the woman in the middle of life and our products is known for comfort, quality, and price. We are perhaps best known for our underwear where we have many loyal customers who have long since found their favorite garments.


Today’s perfectly fitting Trofé bra is the result of over 50 years of development work – with the woman in focus.

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Showroom 1B4, FC sijainti 1-krs
Trofé, Fashion Center Showroom 1B4
Trofe Showroom 1B4