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Name: Xti

Showroom: 2F9

Categories: Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes, Children’s shoes, Bags.

Website: www.xti.es


Intmoda-trading Oy

Asko Tainio


+358 50  499 0026



Xti is a Spanish brand and an international beacon of footwear trends. Pure fashion for impeccable style from the feet up.

Our team designers is constantly reinterpreting trends from the biggest catwalks, taking on the challenges posed by new designs and developing an end product with its own personality that matches yours. This constant search for trends and all things new makes Xti a leading brand that inspires and guides you.

When you put together the familiar faces who act as our brand ambassadors, our fresh, chic image, unique designs, quality materials and impeccable finishes, you get a product made specially for today’s lifestyles: pure fashion for impeccable style from the feet up.

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Showroom 2F9 FC pohjapiirros 2-krs
Fashion Center Intmoda Trading Showroom 2F9
Intmoda Trading Showroom 2F9