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Business Premises

Do you need a pop-up showroom for presenting your brand or a place for your event?

During the business days we rent pop-up showrooms in the Fashion Garage and the Fashion Lounge for companies to present and sell their brands and products. The sizes of these rental spaces start from 10 m2 upwards and they are divided with exhibition walls. You can also rent furniture and extra lights for your pop-up space.
The Fashion Lounge is available and rented out for exhibitions, conferences and festive occasions. This modern space of 300+ m2 is equipped with TV/videoscreens and has free Wi-Fi. You can provide your own servings or order a meeting menu from us.


Tia Romppanen, tel: +358 50 4799004
email: tia.romppanen@fashioncenter.fi

Fashion Center lounge

Why Fashion Center?

We want to value our customers’ time. Since many interesting brands are under one roof we can provide customers an easy and efficient way of doing their work.

Location! We are close to Helsinki-Vantaa airport, next to Vehkala railway station (ring-track), in the corner of Ring III crossing Tampere highway. It is easy to come to the Fashion Center from all over Finland. And we promise, you will always find free parking space.

You can focus on your core business. In Fashion Center many functionalities, such as cleaning, catering, event organizing and marketing are already there for you. The postal packages come and go from the mail room and the caretaker is available to help when fixing is needed. We are looking for new synergies all the time.

Get easily rid of extra samples. Our sample sales four times a year are already a phenomenon in Greater Helsinki area. We offer sales space for external companies as well. Additionally, there is an outlet in Fashion Center where you can sell your samples throughout the year.

Many events = more meetings with potential customers = possibility to get new deals.

Garage Fashion Center
Lounge Fashion Center