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Pius Gabor


Name: Pius Gabor

Showroom: 2F1

Category: Men’s shoes

Website: www.piusgabor.de


Gabor Footwear GMBH

Jari Arkia


+358 50 521 7071


The Gabor men’s shoe brand bears the name of the founder. Pius Gabor already started manufacturing shoes in 1919. A long history guarantees the quality and comfort of the shoes.


More than ever, genuine values are in demand in these times. Lasting beauty that is not only skin deep. Personality, instead of superficially fancy-schmancy. Sustainability, instead of fast fashion. We are committed to these principles. And we aspire to have you feel these values in every single seam and in every shoelace.

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Showroom 2F1, Fashion Center 2. krs