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Pius Gabor


Name: Pius Gabor

Showroom: 2F1

Category: Men’s shoes

Website: www.piusgabor.de


A-Agentuuri Oy

Jari Arkia


+358 50 521 7071


Pius Gabor continues in the footsteps of Camel Active and is a continuation of its collection and style. In 1919, Pius Gabor founded a company that bears his name. The PIUS GABOR brand is based on three core values, heritage, sense and personality. The collection includes a wide range from sneakers to boots. The collection also includes classics from the Camel Active era.

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Showroom 2F1, Fashion Center 2. krs
Gabor, Showroom 2E10
Gabor, Showroom 2E10